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Voting underway to elect 18 National Assembly members

Voting is underway at seven polling centres in seven provinces of the country to elect 18 members of the National Assembly. The Election Commission is conducting the elections today as the 19 positions are turning vacant in early March. The last member will be appointed by the president later.
Provincial Assembly members and chiefs and deputies of all local governments will cast ballots to elect their representatives. The two groups (provincial lawmakers and local level representatives) have been given different weights for their votes.
The commission says the voting will continue till 4 pm today. These are the voting centres:
  • Province 1: Birendra Sabhagriha, Biratnagar
  • Province 2: Mahendra Narayan Memorial Building, Janakpur
  • Bagmati: Ward Committee Building, Lalitpur Metropolitan City-4
  • Gandaki: Election Office, Pokhara
  • Province 5: Karmachari Milan Kendra Building, Ghorahi
  • Karnali: District Election Office, Surkhet
  • Sudurpaschim: Padya Public Mukti Narayan Higher Secondary School, Dipayal
Whereas a National Assembly member is elected for six years, each one-third of them get elected at different times, with a gap of two years. It means the new members to be elected today will remain lawmakers till 2026, but the elections will be held other two groups of one-third members in 2022 and 2024 also.
Because the Upper House elected in 2017 was the first since the constitution, the commission had made the lawmakers draw lots to divide them into three groups who would complete their terms in two, four and six years respectively.

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